Ask The Bundys
"Great Peg, now we have something else we don't need! Just like the damn kids..."

"Al, I will not be left out of this, like our honeymoon."

"I like all these moving gifts."

"Kelly, I think you mean, GIFs?"

"These humans are never going to leave the house now..."

"Hi Bundys, oh look Jefferson, Al is looking at something other than porn and shoes."

"Leave'em alone Marcy, he doesn't know about the free porn."

"God I hate my life... might as well ask anyone for questions."

Anonymous asked: "I thought your favorite song was called "Go With Him", Al?"

“It was. But you know something, there is a lesson to be learned in today’s modern music. And I believe that it is, everyone has a better life than me…”


posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "Hey Al, what's the title of your favorite song again?"

"I think the song is called, I have 99 Problems and Counting…”


posted 1 year ago

From Bud

"Since I have had a lack of questions, I decided to put a song I think everyone will enjoy on the blog. And now to use the internet for what it was intended for… the big-uns website."

posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "Well, Kelly, I think you should come with me. I'll give you a good time. What do you say?"

"I was not born yesterday, Dweeb-a-saurous Rex… or at least I’m pretty sure I wasn’t born in the last few years, but my point is never gonna happen unless I see that you aren’t 1 of my brother’s dorky friends, ok?"

posted 1 year ago


(Al wanted to post every time Marcy has been called a Chicken)

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Anonymous asked: "This is for Marcy: how can the Bundys and Jefferson understand you when you cluck?"

"… nice try Al. I know it must be you or one of your babble buffoon of buddies…"


posted 1 year ago

Anonymous asked: "Peggy, do you watch reality shows like the Kardashians?"

"You know something, I do, and it just gets me so angry that someone doesn’t stick cameras in my face all day like that. I mean, I’m just as interesting as any of them."

posted 1 year ago

rododuille asked: "Hey Al, how do I join NO MAAM? Do you charge a fee or something?"

"No, no we are more welcoming than that, though uh, a donation is encouraged, strongly. Otherwise, you have to pass the initiation test, which is a choice between killing the wife or buying us guys beer.”

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Anonymous asked: "Kelly how can I dress like you?"

"Oh that’s easy! You just have to wear practically nothing! Just don’t tell my Dad, alright?"

posted 1 year ago

smokinshield asked: "Lucky what's it like seeing your family naked all the time?"

"I may be color blind, but I want to keep what vision I have left, so I tend not to look."

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